Torex WinPad1220

Torex WinPad1220

New in September 2022. Powerful processor and increased amount of memory.

A new powerful industrial tablet in the Torex line on Windows OS, equipped with an Intel JASPER LAKE N5105 2.0Ghz processor, Turbo 2.9Ghz, with a 12.2-inch FullHD screen with 280 nits brightness, 8 GB RAM + 128GB ROM + microSD up to 1TB memory, industrial USB-A ports, RJ45, HDMI output, VESA mount, removable with a 12.6 A*h battery. The SIM card slot allows you to work in 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks.

In addition to Torex WinPad1221 pro, you can purchase:

  • Removable additional 12.6A*h battery
  • docking station with USB, LAN, RS232 ports.
  • 1D/2D scanner
  • NFC antenna
  • Car holders, on hand, for carrying in hand.
  • Original Win10 Home license
  • Original Win10 Pro license
  • Original Win10 IOT license